The Colours of Corian®

Aiming to embody and to illustrate the spirit of the times within the decorative landscape, the extensive colour palette for DuPont™ Corian® is continually evolving. The development process has included workshop seminars with the design community, as well as consultation with experts such as Pantone.

 Glacier White  Glacier Ice  Ice White  Venaro White  Cameo White  White Jasmine  Everest  Antarctica  Linen  Abalone  Savannah  Vanilla  Festival  Peach  Pearl Gray  Eclipse  
 Bone  Silver Birch  Whitecap  Bisque  Butter Cream  Fossil  Beige Fieldstone  Pepper Ivory  Kilimanjaro  Beach Glass  Aqua  Blue Pebble  Dove  Seagrass  Gray Fieldstone  Dusk  
 Clam Shell  Tumbled Glass  Aurora  Sahara  Raffia  Mojave  sandstone  Strawberry Ice  Primrose  Blueberry Ice  Mediterranean  Stone Washed  Tarragon  Caribbean  Macadam  Platinum  Mont Blanc  
 Seashell  Clay  Cargo  Sand  Sun  Mandarin  Hot  Bougainvillea  Claret  Lilac  Graphic Blue  Summer Sky  Mint Ice  Lime Ice  Grape Green  Pewter  Pine  
 Matterhorn  Silt  Burnt Amber  Aztec Gold  Terra  Adobe  Pompeii Red  Sequioia  Vesuvius  Azure  Atlantis  Oceanic  Spruce  Malachite  Rain Forest  Night Sky  Nocturne  
 Lava Rock  Sonora  Sienna Brown  Medea  Cocoa Brown  Canyon  Gravel  Coffee Bean  Mardi Gras  Marine Blue  Cobalt  Midnight  Shale  Anthracite  Black Quartz  Ebony Black  Blackberry Ice

* Dark, heavily pigmented Colours of Corian®;, will show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter, textured colours. We recommend that these colours not be used in applications where the surface is exposed to heavy use and contact (i.e. worktops). These colours are most suitable for applications where surface contact is light and for use as inlays and accent colours. For more information on selecting the ideal Colour of Corian®; for your application, please consult with your DuPont™ Corian®; representative.

** The veining of these colours may vary in intensity and highlight joints.
The Illumination Series introduces colours with superior translucency to enhance the potential for lighting effects with Corian®. Possible finishes: matte, semigloss, gloss. Different thicknesses and colours are available according to our special order policy. Standard dimensions are nominal (12mm). Printed representation of colours may vary from actual samples.